Fault Tolerant Safety Instrumented System

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Our Trusted® fault tolerant control system is designed to meet a wide range of safety requirements. This safety instrumented solution features a triple modular redundant (TMR) system that identifies the source of a fault. The system reacts immediately to contain system faults, helping to achieve your safety integrity requirements.

Maximizes Safety and System Availability

Trusted Incorporates a Fault Tolerant Architecture to Minimize System Trips

The Trusted TMR design uses a majority voting process to identify the source of a fault. Random hardware failures will cause one of three control ‘slices’ to react differently to the others. The voting system captures and reports the discrepancies. The Trusted TMR system will react immediately to contain system faults, helping to confirm it meets your safety integrity requirements.

Increase Performance and Profitability


  • Tolerance to multiple failures
  • Accurate fault identification
  • No restrictions on time-to-repair
  • High test coverage of potential faults
  • Reduced operating system size and complexity


  • Integrates into wider control systems
  • Integrates into our PlantPAx® solution
  • Supports 24-120V DC or 120V I/O modules
  • High density I/O (up to 40 channels/module)
  • Meets safety standards with partial stroke testing of critical valves
  • Supports performance levels required for Turbo Machinery Control
  • Offers a wide range of dedicated modules meeting SIL 3 requirements
  • Easy to use and maintain
Trusted is designed to meet a wide range of safety requirements and easy to integrate into wider control solutions.

Trusted Certifications

Compliancy for Safety Standards

Trusted is certified by TÜV as suitable for applications that must comply with one or more of the following international safety related standards:

  • IEC 61508:2010 (Ed 2), IEC 61131-2
  • EN 50156-1, EN 298, EN 54-2
  • NFPA 72/85/86
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