Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting

Accelerate value with a holistic, outcome-driven approach to digital


Digital transformation is an innovation and productivity accelerator. It’s also a complex endeavor. Today, only 16% of industrial organizations have embarked on enterprise-wide digital transformation programs. Most attempts result in false starts as companies struggle to turn investments into results. So how do you find success?

Start with a business-first, not technology-first, approach. Our digital transformation consulting team can work with you on a strategic plan that addresses priority use cases, business justification, change management, and an execution roadmap for technology implementation and support. All customized to your unique objectives and digital maturity level.

Every journey worth taking begins with a plan

When it comes to digital transformation, have you started? Is there alignment? Have you enlisted help?

The road to greater operational efficiency and lower costs starts with a hard look at your organization in terms of where you are, what you have and where you want to be.

Companies that have successfully moved past the pilot phase started by evaluating current and future business requirements, technology infrastructure and organizational readiness. This holistic view can help define early on how to make digital transformation work for you and where to start.

With a business-first mindset, begin by identifying  your biggest challenges, the underlying use cases, and key enablers such as the technology, processes and people that solve for them. Along the way, seek out partners with global OT and IT expertise who have been there before and can help you quickly identify and implement repeatable, scalable, cost-effective solutions.

With the right plan in place, successful companies have:

  • Articulated the ROI and value of digital transformation
  • Developed a clear strategy to improve KPIs like yield, asset and labor utilization, quality, and cost effectiveness
  • Gained alignment and drove adoption across their organization

Real customers. Real transformations. Real ROI.

36% less downtime
Construction industry
4% OEE improvement
Household and personal care industry
15% maintenance reduction
Food and beverage industry
1.4 years
Oil and gas equipment builder
60% parts-per-million defect reduction
Discrete manufacturer
15% service revenue growth
Packaging machine builder

Complex endeavors now within reach

Chart your course with an outcome-based, scalable technology roadmap

Chances are, there’s no shortage of technology requests for point solutions, one-off projects and general firefighting to keep your business operational. And as operations become more connected, this demand has reached new heights.

The key to avoiding unnecessary complexity and disparate solutions across your enterprise is to remain intensely focused on your business objectives. This clarity enables you to look for synergies across your operations and at governance models through a new lens. As a result, you can more easily identify use cases where technology and greater access to data can deliver measurable value.

These use cases are then brought to life in an outcome-based, scalable technology roadmap that:

  • communicates a vision
  • drives alignment and adoption across geographies and functions
  • helps secure the funding to execute

As you seek to simplify, collaborate with Rockwell Automation who can not only consult on strategy, but has lived the digital transformation journey and can walk side by side with you in execution.

Fast, agile digital transformation. Simplified.


We bring industry and operations expertise to support your ditigal transformation journey.


We combine a portfolio of Rockwell Automation and partner products and services to deliver results.


We work with teams across our organization and yours to simplify solution delivery.

Emerging technology drives innovation and speed

The ultimate enabler of speed to market

For those accustomed to executing capital projects, initiating digital strategy can be a nebulous undertaking. But an outcome-based approach to technology can help uncover the most attainable, high-potential uses cases that bring faster ROI.

Start with a look across equipment, software and network infrastructure for solutions that increase production agility, speed time to market and lower maintenance costs. These will serve as the new template for digital success and how work gets done.


Revving the engines of growth and innovation

When it comes to product and process development, technology is no longer an expense. It’s a business driver that opens the door to new products and solutions that bring new or recurring revenue streams.

But the possibilities are far greater. Work with a transformation partner who has been there before for a better understanding of how current and emerging technology can drive long-term value. And don't stop at today's problems. Explore how technology can enable innovation and customer experiences for the future. ​

A holistic, enterprise-wide approach 

Business Evaluation

Assess specific drivers and operations strategy – one size never fits all

Technology Evaluation

Understand infrastructure and architecture, identify requirements and gaps

Organizational Evaluation

Review organizational culture, structure, alignment, skillsets and change readiness

Your end-to-end partner: from navigating the process to accelerating its value

Main Image
Expert Team

Bring together operations, IT and engineering expertise across our network to improve yours

Main Image
Enterprise Expertise

Learn from 100+ years of industrial experience and our own digital transformation journey

Main Image
Domain Knowledge

Develop and execute strategic roadmaps that combine technology and simplify implementation

Main Image
Global Presence

True end-to-end presence around the world to evaluate, enable, align, design and deliver

Think bigger, execute smarter and partner stronger.

A partner with first-hand industry knowledge, deep vertical expertise and a trusted network is the fastest path between theory and results. Call on the Rockwell Automation Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting Team and start on the journey to your next competitive advantage.

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