IntelliCenter Integration Unit

Our IntelliCENTER® Integration Unit delivers a common experience when you communicate with devices over the IEC 61850 standard. You can use the integration unit to unify power and process systems within the Logix and FactoryTalk® environments to create one operating environment. The IntelliCENTER IEC 61850 Integration Unit, the standard hardware aspect of the Intelligent Packaged Power solution, is only available in North America.

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  • Uses standard hardware and software to bring IEC 61850 traffic into Logix architecture which delivers ease-of-use
  • Contains a ProSoft gateway for communication bridging
  • Consists of a Stratix® 5700 switch for aggregation of device connections and segmentation
  • Includes a ControlLogix® or CompactLogix™ controller rack
  • Includes options for PanelView™ terminal for data representation
  • Contains a Stratix Security Appliance if unsecured upstream connections are required
  • Offers faceplates to help verify the appropriate device for your application and deliver a common user interface

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Standards Compliance
  • UL 508A
  • EN55022
  • IEC 60950-1
  • EN55024
  • IEC 60950-22 VCCI, FCC, Part 15, Subpart B ICES-003
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IntelliCENTER Integration Unit Product Profile 3300A-PP001
IntelliCENTER IEC 61850 Integration Unit Specifications Technical Data 3300A-TD001
IntelliCENTER IEC 61850 Integration Unit Installation Instructions 3300A-IN001
Integrated Power and Automation Architecture Drawings IASIMP-QR006
Integrated Power and Automation Reference Manual 3300A-RM001
Rockwell Automation Library of Electrical Protection Devices PROCES-RM011
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Software Releases

  • IntelliCENTER® Software Version 2.0.3 Service Pack 4 (March 2010)


    Service Pack 4 (SP4) can only be applied to IntelliCENTER software version 2.0.3. It provides added support for Bulletin 193-EC5 E3 Plus Electronic Overload Relay with voltage and power monitoring and for PowerMonitor™ 3000 (version 4). It also provides DriveExecutive integration for PowerFlex® 753 and PowerFlex 755 AC drives.


  • IntelliCENTER® Software Version 1.4.7 Service Pack 5 (January 2006)


    Service Pack 5 (SP5) can only be applied to IntelliCENTER software version 1.4.7. It fixes an anomaly with writing to parameters in an E1+ Electronic Overload. It also fixes a rare anomaly which caused values to be reported incorrectly in the Monitor View.



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