POINT I/O Modules

Our Bulletin 1734 POINT I/O™ modules offer digital, analog, and specialty I/O, as well as POINT Guard safety-rated I/O, with one to eight points per module. You can mix standard and safety I/O in the same system. Comprehensive diagnostics and configurable features make POINT I/O easy to apply.

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  • Modular design lets you independently select the I/O, termination style, and network interface
  • Modules slide together for easy install and uninstall for easier maintenance
  • Removable wiring system saves time and money during installation and troubleshooting
  • Comprehensive diagnostics and configurable features makes POINT I/O™ easy to apply
  • Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) lets you replace modules while the system is in operation
  • Mount horizontally or vertically, with no de-rating required
  • Auto Device Replacement (ADR) reduces downtime
  • Add-on-Profiles in the Studio 5000 Logix Designer® application provide smooth integration into Integrated Architecture systems
  • Available with conformal coating

1734 POINT I/O Digital Modules

  • Input, output, and relay output modules
  • Wide variety of voltages
  • Point-level output fault states for short-circuit and wire-off diagnostics
  • Field-side diagnostics on select modules
  • Choice of direct-connect or rack-optimized communications
  • POINT Guard I/O™ modules for safety applications
  • Configurable modules
    • Each point can be configured as a DC input or output
    • Available with DeviceLogix™ technology

1734 POINT I/O Analog Modules

  • Up to eight single-ended inputs or outputs per module
  • Thermocouple and RTD modules available
  • Individually configurable channels
  • On-board scaling
  • Selectable input filters
  • Over- and under-range detection

1734 POINT I/O Specialty Modules

  • Counter and encoder modules
  • Synchronous Serial Interface Absolute Encoder module
  • Serial interface modules (RS-232, RS-485/RS-422)
  • Address Reserve (ARM) module
  • Supports connection to IO-Link enabled devices with the IO-Link master module

Additional Information

  • Our DeviceLogix Smart Component Technology integrates logic-solving capability into I/O, motor starters, push buttons, and other control components, delivering higher-performance and lower-cost distributed control.
  • Protect your people, productivity and environment with our integrated Safety Solutions. We understand your factory floor challenges and can help you meet your goals, using one of the broadest safety portfolios in the industry.
  • Our Integrated Architecture Solutions provide the foundation to drive plantwide optimization efficiently and effectively, enabling you to respond competitively to the economy and changes in consumer demand.
  • Our PartnerNetwork™ offers complementary product solutions for 1734 Point I/O modules and 1734 POINT I/O Add On Profiles through the Encompass Product Reference program. You can sort and filter products from best-in-industry suppliers in your region to connect to the Rockwell Automation® architecture, or to use with our products.
  • Sensors on IO-Link Can Enable the Connected Enterprise — Find out how smart sensors with IO-Link can enable smart machines for The Connected Enterprise.
  • IO-Link Technology allows sensors connected to an IO-Link master module to provide detailed diagnostics and machine health status to improve uptime and increase productivity.

Product Selection


  • CE
  • C-Tick
  • ODVA
  • ATEX
  • KCC

For TÜV and SIL certification details, see the Safety Certificates and SIL link.

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To find additional product information including CAD drawing files, 3D models and more use our Product Catalog.


Resource Publication Number Language
POINT I/O Product Profile 1734-PP001
POINT I/O Selection Guide 1734-SG001
EtherNet/IP Embedded Switch Technology Application Guide ENET-AP005
POINT I/O 4 Channel IO-Link Master Module Installation Instructions 1734-IN043
POINT I/O Installation Instructions 1734-IN510
POINT I/O Digital, Analog, and POINTBlock I/O Modules User Manual 1734-UM001
High Speed Counter Module User Manual 1734-UM003
Thermocouple and RTD Input Module User Manual 1734-UM004
POINT I/O Encoder/Counter Modules User Manual 1734-UM006
POINT I/O Synchronous Serial Interface Absolute Encoder Module User Manual 1734-UM007
POINT I/O ASCII Modules User Manual 1734-UM009
POINT I/O and ArmorPOINT I/O DeviceLogix User Manual 1734-UM015
POINT I/O 4 Channel I/O Link Master Module User Manual 1734-UM020
Integrated Smart Sensor Solution Quick Reference Guide IOLINK-SP001
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