Network Media

Network Media includes connectivity devices for industrial networks including Ethernet, ControlNet™ and DeviceNet™. Devices include spools of raw cable, patchcords, cordsets, and a full line of accessories. Our network media components help ensure network performance while simplifying construction of your architecture.

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ControlNet Network Media

ControlNet™ Network Media and connection devices provide flexibility when designing your network. ControlNet coax cable is a low-loss, RG-6 quad-shield coaxial cable for typical installations. ControlNet fiber media lets you extend a segment of your network, provides immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI), and allows installation in a hazardous location. We offer a variety of connectors, taps, terminators, repeaters, and tools for coax and fiber systems. Choose the cable type based on the application and or environment where your system is being installed.

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DeviceNet Network Media

DeviceNet™ Network Media includes thick and thin round or flat cable. Round cable, generally used for trunk cable, is available in bulk spools or pre-molded cordsets or patchcords. KwikLink™ flat media systems provide a simple modular cabling method using a flat four-wire trunk cable with Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs) that lessen your installation time and materials cost.

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Ethernet Network Media

We offer a complete portfolio of industrial-grade Ethernet physical media, including M12 Connectivity, industry standard Variant 1 Connectivity, and RJ45 Connectivity products. Our Ethernet media is specifically designed for use in harsh industrial environments, combining a specially-designed cable with rugged connector construction to ensure network integrity and performance.

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Industrial USB Cables

Our Industrial USB Cables replace combinations of serial adapters and cables. Each cable allows you to directly connect to the USB port on your computer which helps simplify the set-up and installation of switches and/or devices.