Impact of Digital Transformation on CHP Facilities

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Duration: 60 Minutes
Language: English
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Today’s trend to do more with less is impacting everyday facilities of all genres, none more so than the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) energy space.

The implementation of information and control systems in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) applications often presents many unique challenges. Modern CHP is so intertwined with more exacting goals that we need be proactive in being able to meet the owner’s goals around production demand and supply, efficiency, environmental compliance, reliability and resiliency. These challenges coupled with disparate systems and the aggregation of data across the CHP ecosphere, what does the future hold for CHP information and control systems?  

With the emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things and the digital transformation, smart equipment is playing a significant role in combined heat and power facilities. What are future operational impacts of integrating real-time technology solutions within the same ecosystems as these smart assets? During this webinar you’ll learn how RA is leading the digital transformation in the Commercial and Industrial Combined Heat and Power segmentation.

Join our speakers Tom McDonnell and Lee Ward, to see how these key drivers and resulting insights help achieve business outcomes using modern technology.