Software Evolution

New Options Remove Barriers to Entry and Deliver Increased Value

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Things have changed. The arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 required a shift in the way software is developed and deployed. Now, more than ever, flexibility and agility are the keys to success. Demand for subscription-based software in commercial and industrial markets has accelerated; and, the pace of this change is not expected to slow down. We’re embracing the change and are here to help usher you into this new way of doing business.

Weigh Your Software Delivery and Support Options

Why Customers Prefer Software Subscriptions

Comparison shopping is never easy and can consume a lot of your valuable time. Whether going with the perpetual plus maintenance software license or the software subscriptions delivery model, we have an option that will provide the right value for you. If you need automation software and value options, flexibility, scalability, customization, ease of distribution, and so much more, read on.

Modern Software Experience

  • Web-based quoting and license management
  • Recommended products and add-ons
  • Simple and dynamic software activations
  • Access to all software updates

Flexibility and Accessibility

  • Visibility into license management
  • Flexibility to restack licenses
  • Standardization and Remote Management: Customers will receive Rockwell Automation managed concurrent activation servers which will allow you to focus on more important things

Easy and Scalable Pay-as-you-go Model

  • Don’t overpay for unused licenses: No need to pay for licenses that aren’t being used
  • Metered and usage-based billing: Choose to not extend, turn off, turn on software based on what you use
  • Move your software purchases from CapEx to OpEx
  • Built-in proration: Ability to add or remove licenses throughout the year with proration at time of renewal to ensure accurate billing

The Value of Software Subscriptions

Change the Game with Options for Software Delivery and Support

With cuts in budgets, how will I get a capital expenditure approved? Without the full scope of the project defined, will I be sync software requirements with changing demand? With ongoing changes in personnel, how can I manage the number and types of licenses I need? How do I make sure that the software I buy today is up to date years from now?

With mounting pressure to move the needle, these unanswered questions can overwhelm even the most stoic among us.  Have no fear! You have options.

What the Experts Are Saying
"92% of enterprise-software buyers are considering or already transitioning to subscription products”

McKinsey & Company, B2B software-purchase decision-maker survey, 2016-17

Accelerate Your Business

Answering Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access the Software Subscription Website?
A: The address for the subscription website is: commerce.rockwellautomation.com. Create a new account or log in using your Knowledgebase credentials. From here you can explore our Software Subscription and Perpetual with Maintenance options.

Q: How do I get a quotation for sale on these subscription offerings?
A: Either you, your distributor, or your sales contact can create a budgetary quotation in the website by selecting “Quotation Only” in the checkout process. This will prepare a quotation document that can be emailed or used in a proposal. If you create a quotation in the website, you will be able to convert it to an order directly from the “My Subscriptions” page.

Q: What kind of technical support is associated with my subscription?
A: Subscriptions include 8x5 phone support, along with other software-specific support entitlements, and can be upgraded to 24x7 phone support.

Q: When will I get billed for my subscription order?
A: Billings will be created when the contract creation is complete either by the distributor if purchased through them or by Rockwell Automation if direct.

Q: What if I have a pricing agreement?
A: Pricing on the website is net pricing including any agreements your company has directly with Rockwell Automation.

Access to Automation Software Just Got Easier

Learn How Flexible Software Options Can Ease the Workload

It can be a daunting task to justify the purchase of software to get your job done, let alone deploy and manage it once the purchase is approved. Don't worry, help has arrived! Rockwell Automation now offers software subscriptions. If you need software for an upcoming project and value options, flexibility, scalability, access over ownership, predictability in cash flow, customization, ease of distribution, and a gold star, join speaker Matt Masarik from Rockwell Automation to learn more.

One-Stop Shopping at myRockwellAutomation

These days, everything seems to move faster and faster. Keeping track of people, calendars, tasks, logins, passwords, and even what’s for dinner can be a formidable challenge – and that’s just in your personal life. Add your work responsibilities on top of that and managing it all can be a daunting task. Even with the tools we have at our disposal (like mobile phones and tablets), keeping everything organized and productive is difficult at best.

Partnerning with Rockwell Automation for your automation needs helps alleviate some of your worries. myRockwellAutomation consolidates your digital touch points with Rockwell Automation, creating one central, personalized location for all-things automation. Search products, build your bill of materials, access frequently used app, subscribe to software, manage your equipment and services, and much more. Now …. what’s for dinner?

Get started NOW!

Ready to order you automation software? You have options!

Whether you’re designing, running, maintaining, or innovating your operations, FactoryTalk® industrial automation software has it all! Our online store on the myRockwellAutomation portal is your one-stop shop for your automation software needs.  And we’re just getting started! We’re listening to you, our valued customers, and adding new options as we get more feedback. So, don’t be shy!

Need support? We’re here to help!

Improve Operations with Industrial Support Services

Are you under constant pressure to drive productivity and minimize downtime? You are not alone. Whether you need technical support, on-site engineering help, or worker training, we have you covered. Our data-driven, outcome-based industrial maintenance services can provide the specific support to help you maximize productivity, minimize operational risk, and meet your business goals.

Connect With the Best

Find Partners that Can Help You Design, Build and Maintain Better Solutions

Our global ecosystem of solution and support providers can help drive the speed and success of your automation project. Partner program members have experience delivering products or services that are designed to work with our solutions. And they take a collaborate approach to help you simplify project implementations and get the most value from your investments.

Ready to talk to a Rockwell Automation consultant?

We offer industry expertise to help design, implement and support your automation investment.

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